Pfanner Protos Integral – Gray / Green


Protos® Integral: Gray / Green

• larger field of vision with maximum all-round sight
• neck protection shell to protect the back of the head in case of falls or impacts in order to avoid a fracture of the base of the skull
• highly increased visibility of the two-colour models even in difficult conditions of visibility such as dense foliage – at all times of the year
• special shock absorption construction (3-point suspension and shock absorber) of the inner shell, so that impacts are not transmitted directly to the head or spine
• protection against vertical and horizontal impacts – “all-round protection” – thanks to simultaneous certification according to EN 397 and EN 12492
• fits perfectly to the head thanks to the ingenious inner shell
• hearing protection always on the head in active and passive mode – additional impact protection
• 5-fold impact absorption through the Impact Absorber



Protos® integral industry and arborist helmets by Pfanner. These arborist helmets provide superior quality, comfort, and safety. The patented inner-shell of these helmets offers secure placement and a comfortable fit, among several other benefits. The industrial helmet provides an innovative interior, active ventilation, and features other accessories such as face shields and rain guards.

It’s important to not only wear a helmet that provides protection but to wear a helmet that offers superior comfort. You can count on both being provided by Protos® integral industry and arborist helmets by Pfanner.

ANSI 289.1 approved equipment, ideal for performing in extremely cold and warm weather conditions. You can rest assured that our helmets and related accessories will perform at peak-level no matter what your job requirements.

Simply put, Protos® integral helmets and accessories by Pfanner are the perfect fit for working outdoors. These helmets will give you the confidence to take on the rigors of your job.

Additional information

Weight 3.4 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 10 in


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