Buzzz Line Climbing Rope

What is Buzzz Line Climbing Rope?

Buzzz Line Climbing rope is a professional grade of arborsit climbing rope from Yale. It is a 100% polyester rope that is eye catching, supple and soft and is perfect for climbing because it resists abrasion and snagging. It is one of the top quality rope with the highest visibility in the industry. The rope’s all polyester construction gives maximum strength, giving it an enhanced shock absorbsion over other 12-strand products. This rope is the perfect choice for footlockers and arborists whom prefer a full sized rope.

The Buzzz Line rope is the perfect rope to be used as a light weight rigging line, when you are unable to use natural crotch rigging. Please keep in mind that this rope cannot be hand spliced. *(Ok, you might be able to splice it, but it will be weaker than the ultimate rated strength and you probably just should have tied a knot)


12 Strand Rope

Made from 100% Polyester

Tight braiding to resist abrasion

High-visibility due it’s bright orange coloring

Keeps it’s round shape even after a long service life.

High-strength Rope with a breaking strength of 7400lbs.

Buzzz Line Climbing Rope