YaleGrips are made from a Technora® Aramid fiber at braid and are assembled in a 4-leg configuration extending from a reinforcing, securing eye.

Size the grip by anticipated loads, not by the cable size it fits. When the anticipated load needs to be spread over a wider surface area, a six-leg grip is suggested. Please call or email for a quotation.  Larger-sized cables may be accommodated by lengthening tail dimension Please contact us for a quotation.

YaleGrips are used as pulling and stopping grips for electrical-line construction work above and below ground, for deployment and retrieval of a variety of cables, as marine stoppers on hawsers and for temporary or permanent strain relief. YaleGrips are applied quickly over a wide range of cable diameters without specialized tools.

YaleGrips are far stronger than wire mesh grips and do not form dangerous “fishhooks,” as do wire mesh grips, making them safer to handle.

YaleGrips may be used for temporary or permanent eyes, both in midspan or on the end.

Customized options include urethaning the entire grip, which extends the grip’s life, especially useful in active towing applications. This is called “marine treatment.” We also can make a grip with extended tails to accommodate larger diameter cables. Hardware can be added to the eye, such as stainless thimbles, which enhances performance.

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