Stringing Lines

The Rope Gurus specialty is overhead transmission ropes for stringing.  From pole mounted pilot lines (aka spider line) for distribution or long 20,000 foot continuous lengths of UHMPE rope (Spectra / Dyneema), or polyester rope for transmission work, we have you covered.

Not all ropes are created equal, so let the team at The Rope Guru help clarify the differences for your next purchase.  Take into strong consideration the working load potential of the machine and the working load of the rope.  All ropes shown are used at 5:1 of their average breaking strength.  All strengths listed are on new rope with a proper eye splice.

Polyester ropes and UHMPE ropes look identical to the eye but have very different characteristics from weight to cost. Contact us today for a quote or to see how we can help.

PE-12-Data-Sheet – 12 strand polyester – economical

Ultrex-Data-Sheet 12 strand hmpe – light weight – low stretch – does not absorb water

Yalex-Data-Sheet – a step above PE12 – easier to splice / repair as rope ages

Unitrex-Data-Sheet – synthetic cable – stiff – high strength – lightweight

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