Round Slings

Endless round sling configurations enable the user to rotate hook and load contact points, resulting in increased sling longevity. The Rope Guru Polyester Round Slings are made of polyester core yarns with a woven tubular jacket.

  • Engineered with endless loops of yarn
  • Load-bearing core yarns protected by a tubular jacket
  • No loss of strength from abrasion to cover
  • Light weight reduces fatigue and strain
  • Tag provides serial numbered identification for traceability
  • Color coded capacities for quick identification
  • Eye and Eye and Braided Round Slings also available.
  • round sling capacity

Polyester round slings are a great economy price point sling.  If you’re shopping for something a bit more durable, higher strength and has the ability to take some abrasion please take a look at the Yale Cordage LOUPS also on our sling page.

The Rope Guru LLC is a proud member of Associated Wire Rope Fabricators 

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