Hand Lines

Hand lines are an essential part of utility line work for raising and lowering tools.  We carefully choose ropes that are easy to splice and provide great grip through their working life.  3 strand Samson ProMaster and 12 Strand Samson Duraplex fit those descriptions.  Made in the USA by Samson Rope these ropes are abrasion resistant, easy to splice flexible  have good grip, great knot-holding ability and good strength compared to other “combo” ropes the 12 strand braided DuraPlex is also hockle resistant.

The Rope Guru Hand lines are made with 1/2″ rope and nylon blocks from SlingCo.

Our standard set comes with the swivel snap hook, handline hook, and includes an adjustable sling to hold the handline in place.

Contact us for more information or to place an order for a custom  Handline Assembly.

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