Portland Braid Rope

What is Portland Braid Rope?

The Portland Braid rope is double-braided, constructed out of polyester. It has an amazing strength, with a tenstile strength of 11,100lbs and a working load strength of up to 2,220 lbs. Please keep in mind that no matter what type of rope you’re working with, knots and sudden bends reduce the amount of the maximum working load. This rope is the perfect selection if you’re looking for consistent performance at an economical price. The Portland Braid rope is coated with urethane to help further enhance it’s tear resistance. This rope is perfect for arborist rigging rope, slings, tow ropes and also pulling rope with the use of the Greenlee Pullers.

The Portland Braid rope will not stretch as much as others, it has a long wear life and extreme strength. All of those qualities make this Rope the rope to choose with pulleys, lowering devices, rigging slings and speed lines.


Urethane coating to prevent tearing.

Hold loads between 2,220-11,100 lbs

Portland Braid Rope 9/16″

The design of your rope plays a critical rope in determining the service life and performance of the rope. If you’re unsure about which of our rope products would best suite your needs we would be more than happy to help point you in the right direction. Please contact us with any questions or to learn more specifics about a certain rope product.