Grounded By Rope

Owner Jamie Goddard, the founder of The Rope Guru LLC. was recently interviewed by Linetalkers for a recent Podcast.

Jamie Goddard is the founder and owner of The Rope Guru LLC. Jamie left the corporate job to start his own gig at age 48. Jamie’s company services many industries including the electric utility business. Besides Jamie’s expert knowledge with rope and its applications, he is a solid guy who puts his family first. Listen in as Jamie and I chat about he and his family, his business and what he feels is important in life. His company website states:
“Jamie Goddard’s career spanned 20 years in sales, service, and safety for a global leader in rope manufacturing. He dedicated himself to the Electrical Utility, Arboriculture, and Heavy Lift markets worldwide. He and his team are rope people with great diversity in their knowledge and experience.
The Rope Guru team makes tools out of rope. We make Winch Lines for utility trucks, eye splices for transmission and distribution pulling lines, climbing lines, and rigging lines for tree climbers, tow ropes for marine, slings for heavy lift needs, and more. We also offer on-site inspections and virtual classrooms for the advanced learning of synthetic ropes, and how to inspect different types and applications for their use.”