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Slingin’ It

TRGuruAdmin 24th January 2023
At The Rope Guru LLC we make a lot of synthetic rope slings for many types of applications.  Arborist rigging, Cranes and lifting, vehicle recovery, and transmission power line work to name just a few.  Let's discuss a couple of the differences. Arborist Rigging The most common slings used in arboricultural rigging is tied at the base of a tree or used on a limb as an anchor point to control the rigging rope.  Since the slings are tied around an abrasive surface (the bark) its best to use a double braided construction urethane coated polyester rope to handle that abrasion. These…

Pulling Ropes 101

TRGuruAdmin 11th October 2022
Transmission pulling ropes are one of our specialties and we get many questions weekly on what the best rope is to buy. Of course, there’s many opinions in this matter but here’s our suggestions when looking to purchase a rope for a transmission puller. First things first. There’s NO in between. When comparing similar working loads, the rope is either going to be somewhat bearable in price, or something that the person quoting you usually asks if you’re sitting down first. There are positive and negative tradeoffs for each choice. Let’s discuss Start with your working loadKnowing your working load…

New Location

TRGuruAdmin 5th October 2022
Finally got my keys and I can’t wait to start splicing the worlds finest ropes at our new shop!

Grounded By Rope

TRGuruAdmin 1st February 2022
Owner Jamie Goddard, the founder of The Rope Guru LLC. was recently interviewed by Linetalkers for a recent Podcast. Jamie Goddard is the founder and owner of The Rope Guru LLC. Jamie left the corporate job to start his own gig at age 48. Jamie's company services many industries including the electric utility business. Besides Jamie's expert knowledge with rope and its applications, he is a solid guy who puts his family first. Listen in as Jamie and I chat about he and his family, his business and what he feels is important in life. His company website states:"Jamie Goddard’s…

Where are we headed?

TRGuruAdmin 1st February 2022
We’re pretty excited at the direction this little company is headed! Big things are happening here and the future is bright. Be a part of it. Jamie Goddard grew up lobstering off the coast of Maine and made his way onto offshore trawlers before landing a job ashore managing a commercial fishing supply store on the waterfront in Portland, Maine. When the large fishing boats moved out of town, Jamie moved on and became assistant Sales manager at a leading global rope manufacturer. After 20 years on the road servicing electrical utilities, arborists, and construction heavy lift accounts worldwide, he…