Yale Confetti 3.0 Coming Soon!

On Friday December 8th the Rope Guru LLC together with Nick Araya of Tree Care LA and Yale Cordage of Saco, ME announced the unveiling of the new Confetti 3.0 11.7mm Yale Cordage climbing line. This vibrant 24 strand climbing line was developed between myself and Nick Araya around 2015 which used every color in Yales offering made in a limited edition, and raised $5,000 for the Old Growth Forest Network.  In 2021 we did it again with a very limited edition, more colorful version. Again, with our customers help raised $5,000 for the Old Growth Forest Network.

The new Confetti 3.0 will become part of the Yale Cordage climbing line range here at The Rope Guru. Although not a limited edition, we will continue to raise money for non-profits that are near and dear to us. Suicide Awareness, Mental Health Awareness, and yes The Old Growth Forest Network to name a few.