1-1/2″ Samson Stable Braid


1-1/2 Samson Stable Braid

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1-1/2″ Samson Stable Braid has a braided core and cover, both contributing to its strength and firm hand, while remaining fully spliceable. It works very well on winch drums and has the non-rotational flexibility to be flaked on deck. Stable Braid is a proven, tough rope with excellent controlled working elongation.


> Durable
> Easy to handle
> Excellent abrasion resistance
> Firm, yet flexible
> Flex-fatigue resistant
> Heat resistant
> High strength-to-weight ratio
> Low elastic elongation
> Low stretch
> Pro-Gard Marine Finish
> Torque-free construction
> UV resistant

Specific Gravity: 1.38
Fiber (core/cover): Polyester/Polyester

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