11.7mm Arrow Frog by the Foot


Arrow Frog rope 11.7mm diameter is a great all polyester climbing line from Yale Cordage.

diameter – 11.7mm

Average tensile strength – 5,800 lbs

24 strand climbing line

spliceable class 1 double braid


Arrow Frog Rope 11.7mm is true to its diameter. this rope combines the lightweight characteristics of 11mm ropes and the more conventional sizing of the 1/2″ climbing lines.

If you liked the ORIGINAL Yale Cordage Poison Ivy, this rope is the exact same thing just with a different color sheath.  No different.  If you already have this color and are looking for another, try the Yale Cordage Prism, or Blue Moon Climbing line.

A 24-strand “Tite-Braid” cover that virtually eliminates cover milking. The braided- lament polyester core creates a firm rope that provides superior working-flex service life without work hardening. Great for both Ddrt and SRT climbing techniques.

Additional information

Weight .12 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

120ft, 150ft, 200ft, 600ft

Eye Splice

Large 5(in) eye, Large 5(in) eye both ends, Small 1(in) eye one end, Small 1(in) eye both ends, No Eye Splice


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