7/8 Endura 12 – HMPE


7/8 Endura 12 – HMPE

Color – blue

Average tensile strength – 97,500 lbs

18.8 Lbs per 100 feet




7/8 Endura 12 – HMPE is a High strength, lightweight and durable fiber rope for any industrial, commercial, or marine application.
7/8 Endura 12  is very high strength, low stretch, and has ultra low creep. It utilizes the latest ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber in a 12-strand construction. This high tech fiber and construction provides an extremely high strength, lightweight rope that is non-rotational and easily spliced. Endura 12 is ideally suited for wire rope replacement applications where size, strength, and stretch are the main design considerations.

All Dyneema® fiber ropes come with TEUFELBERGER’s proprietary abrasion resistant coating that is specially formulated to yield higher strength and more durable and water-resistant lines.


✔ Excellent abrasion resistance
✔ Easy to inspect
✔ Maximum strength to weight ratio
✔ Extremely low stretch
✔ Easy to splice
✔ Floats
✔ UV stable


— Replacement for steel cable
— Tug boat tow lines
— Face and wing wires
— Winch lines
— Tug pendant and main line
— Helicopter long lines
— Underground pulling lines
— Slings
— Trawl line
— Wire rope replacement

Additional information

Weight .18 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 in


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