Rope Guru Adjustable Sling 5/8″ – 48-72 inch Adjustment


Rope Guru Adjustable Sling

5/8″ diameter 12 strand polyester

48-72 inch adjustment

Working Load 3,250 lbs Vertical


Rope Guru polyester Adjustable Sling 5/8″ diameter are very handy tools which can reduce the time and amount of slings one needs to carry because of how versatile this is.  Simply adjust the sling in our out depending on the length required. Then, smooth out the adjustment area, and load.  Great for redirects in 4X4 Offroad use, Slings for Tree Work, and Electrical utility for small can mounted transformers.

Angle Effect: Sling Capacities

The capacity of a multiple-leg sling is directly affected by the angle of the sling leg with the vertical. As this angle increases, the stress on each leg increases. The capacity can be readily determined by multiplying the sling’s vertical capacity by the appropriate load-angle factor.



Sling Angle
Load Angle Factor
15° 0.966
30° 0.866
45° 0.707
60° 0.500
75° 0.259

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 4 in

32(in)-48(in), 48(in)-72(in)


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