The Original Throwline Cube! 17 inch cubed.

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Several years ago somebody discovered a way to turn fabric and sticks into a neatly folding box. The next thing arborists knew Heinrich Haeussler of Switzerland evolved the idea into the ultimate throwline storage container. Originally used primarily by competition level tree climbers because of the high price, this super-charged folding cube has all the right stuff for working stiffs as well. Besides being made of tough materials, including canvas nylon and fiberglass frame rods, the Falteimer is of impeccable construction. The advantages of the Falteimer are clear: compared to canvas bags or plastic buckets the Falteimer has a huge 17 inch floor and easy to load opening that allows stacking of up to two throwlines neatly without need of dividers. It also has 2 interior pockets to hold up to 4 throw weights. Once loaded, simply twist the box 3 times to create a portable throwline container the size of a tennis shoe that you can carry anywhere without scrambling your lines. It’s truly incredible.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 1 × 10 in


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