New England Ropes 5mm STS Dyneema HSR75


5mm (3/16) STS HSR 75 Dyneema – gray

Heat set Dyneema for ultra ultra low stretch and light weight



HSR-75 is designed as a wire rope/cable replacement, creating the ultimate load rope. Comprised of Dyneema® fiber, HSR is heat-set in the STS process in a way that reorients the fiber’s molecular chains in a linear fashion, thus ensuring greater load bearing capacity throughout the rope. This process increases the rope’s breaking strength through the use of increased temperature, tension and uniform fiber distribution. The end result is a rope that is stronger than a cable, yet remains flexible, ultra light and splicable but won’t splinter or recoil like a cable.


  • Strong like steel
  • Stronger than Steel technology
  • Ultralight
  • Spliceable


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