Rope Guru Transformer Sling 5/8″ – 3,200 lb WLL


Rope Guru transformer sling 5/8″

Double ended adjustable sling

Working Load 3,200 lbs Vertical

Coated color- orange

30-48 inch adjustment range


Rope Guru transformer sling made from 5/8″ Yalex

Double ended adjustable

Working Load 3,200 lbs. Vertical –

Make sure all load angles are figured. Working Load limits dramatically decrease when load angles are introduced.

Most commonly used for lifting “can type” transformers for utility linemen but can also be used as a great addition to any rope junkies gear box – this type of sling eliminates the need to carry multiple length eye to slings.  Great for use as a redirect in 4X4 off-road with use of a block

Measurements listed are with each end adjusted to 4″ eye as the minimum length

Chafe sleeve in center portion as well as each lifting eye

Standard Color – 5/8″ Orange


Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 in

30(in)-48(in), 30(in)-60(in), 48(in)-96(in)


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