Ultrex 5/16″ HMPE chipper winch line – WLL 2,700 Lb


5/16″ diameter Ultrex winch line has a working load of 2,700 lbs

its Average breaking strength is 13,500 lbs

Ultrex is a great winchline replacement for a chipper / ATV / 4×4 bumper winch or anywhere low stretch and high strength are needed.



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5/16″ diameter Ultrex HMPE rope winch line has a working load of 2,700 lbs

Ultrex rope by Yale Cordage is a 12 strand HMPE Rope made from UHMWPE fiber. Ultrex is a very high strength, light-weight solution to steel cable replacement.  This rope will not kink or rust and it also floats (does not absorb water). Ultrex winch lines are available with a reinforced Blue Line thimble or 4″ soft eye with chafe sleeve for protection. If you use the Yale Chook Winchline system click here

Why Ultrex HMPE?  this rope is as strong as steel cable and it doesn’t stretch.  It also, if chipped, will not ruin your blades (or more) like a traditional steel cable and cost significant amounts of $$ to fix.  Ultrex is also repairable by using the Yale Cordage splicing instructions for an eye splice in the end.

HINT – Its highly suggested by The Rope Guru team to incorporate a choked sling around the load being winched to prevent the winchline from being dragged on rough surfaces.  Using a sling, even an old retired rigging line cut up to get the load to the chipper will prolong the ropes life and keep it free from abrading.  Let’s face it, the rope isn’t cheap. try to get the most of it.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in

100 ft. soft 4(in) eye, 100 ft. thimble eye, 150 ft. soft 4(in) eye, 150 ft thimble eye, 200 ft. soft eye, 200 ft. thimble eye


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