Yale Kernmaster Phantom 11mm – Green / Purple


Yale Phantom Kernmaster 11mm

Green / Purple Cover

Red polyester braided core




Yale Kernmaster Phantom 11mm – Green / Purple by the foot

Get to the top faster with less elongation and bounce with Yale’s newest version of Kernmaster featuring a polyester core.  The really big thing that sets this static rope apart from any other, is that it has a braided core and not a parallel core like the majority of static ropes.  The firm over-braid of the 48 carriers to the red polyester core make this rope a very supple one with great knot-ability, low stretch, less milking.  Meets ANSI Z133 standards and works well with a variety of mechanical devices.

Kernmaster Specifications and Data

* Knots and abrupt bends significantly reduce the strength of all ropes and lower the maximum working load.
** For situations where a person is NOT on the rope, the working load may be doubled (5:1).


 Green working 155 ft. lbs./lb.  Red ultimate 9,775 ft. lbs./lb.

Specific Gravity: 1.23

Dielectric Strength: The maximum allowable leakage for clean, dry Kernmaster is 500 micro- amperes when tested at 100kV per Yale Method 712-1701 Rev 1 “Routine Production Test.” Absorbed and entrained moisture or impurities will increase rope’s conductivity dramatically.


Additional information

Weight .08 lbs
Yale Phantom

11mm Phantom 200 ft, 11mm Phantom 300 ft, 11mm Phantom 600 ft


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