Yale Cordage XTC-12 3/4″ code yellow



diameter 3/4″

Tensile Strength: 12,200 lbs.

Manufacturer – Yale Cordage


Yale Cordage XTC-12 is a “nubbier” hollow braid offering lower weight and excellent abrasion resistance. Built to be round and stay round, XTC 12 is a 12-strand single braid of polyester/”Para-ep” Olefin.

Key Features

  • Commercial grade
  • Single braid construction eliminates the core
  • Nubby construction for hand climbers

This all-synthetic rope resists rot and mildew, and performs equally well in both wet and dry conditions. Yale Cordage XTC-12 is identified by one yellow tracer. XTC 12 is a commercial-grade single-braid construction that eliminates the core and adds nubby construction for good control when rigging. It is an economical choice for a range of rigging needs.

3/4″  Tensile Strength: 12,200 lbs.


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